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Experts In Lawn Care Aurora, CO Share Tips On How To Achieve A Beautiful Lawn

bestyard.comHaving a well-maintained lawn and landscape will increase the value of your property. It is estimated that a well-landscaped and maintained lawn can increase the value of a residential property by 7%. Therefore, you need to properly care of your lawn and backyard if you intend to sell your house in the future. Aside from the money-making benefit, a beautiful lawn is a pleasing sight and relaxing view. Whatever benefits you want to get from your lawn, knowing how to care for your turf is a must to ensure that it remains healthy and beautiful.

Here are simple tips provided by experts in lawn care Aurora, Colorado homeowners trust for their lawn care and maintenance.

Cutting – It is important to cut the lawn regularly to thicken the grass. For the cutting technique: It is better to do it little and often than all in one go. Every time you mow, you should change directions so that the grass blades are not pressed in the same way always.  As a rule of thumb, shorten the grass by approximately half to two-thirds to around 5 centimeters. It is better to keep the grass a little longer during mid-summer to be able to endure periods of drought.

Fertilizing – When you cut the grass, nutrients are removed from the grass and so, you need to replace those nutrients in order for your lawn to achieve healthy growth. Therefore, at the start of spring, you should fertilize the lawn every four or five weeks. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous are the three most important nutrients. You can purchase them at the local garden retailer along with other mixes of lawn fertilizers. Make sure that you follow the directions indicated on the packages.

lawn care by The BestYardWatering – This is important if you want your lawn to remain lush and green throughout the summer. The temperature and humidity will determine how often you need to water your lawn. When you notice the grass starting to show a blue-gray tint and the older grass blades starting to curl up and wilt, it means that the grass needs water. For a newly planted lawn, it has to be watered once a day to allow the seed to germinate and form a good strong root system. You can manually water your lawn, or have it done automatically through a computerized watering system.

Weed Control – With the right technique, you can control the growth of weeds in your lawn. A manual scarifier is used to remove smaller weeds. Use a root weeder to remove daisies and dandelions; make sure to remove as much of the root as possible to prevent them from growing back. Consider using herbicides when you fail in those mechanical means. In cases where weeds have taken over the turf, the best solution is to re-structure the entire soil and covering it with rolled turf.

Scarifying and aerification – To provide the grass roots with oxygen and breathing space, use a digging fork to stamp holes into the lawn and fill them up with coarse sand. Scarify your lawn to remove dead roots and other debris. Removing the lawn thatch will allow more breathing space for the lower parts of the grass and help in the better growth of the stems.