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How Is Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Performed?

1When cavity wall insulation is not installed properly, it can cause costly problems. These include crumbing plaster, damp penetration, and even more serious structural compromise. It is for this very reason that you must hire pros with specialized equipment to extract insulation without causing much disturbance to the structure and its occupants.

The Process Of Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

First, you must cut out a brick from the property’s bottom area using an ArborTech allsaw to preserve the original bricks. Then with a 14mm hole, drill the insulation injection holes. Remember that this might also be necessary above windows because that is a trap area for insulation. An extra of 3 bricks over the damp proof course is likewise necessary in order to ensure that the entire wall fill is pushed toward the industrial vacuum cleaner and sucked out.

2Second, the insulation is forced toward the vacuum cleaner with compressed air starting with the hole where the brick is removed. Since there will be a gap created in the insulation, it will be a lot easier to suck out the rest of the material. Repeat this process with the succeeding higher levels. Bag the extracted insulation onsite and dispose it under a waste carrier’s license.

Lastly, inspect the property for remaining cavity wall insulation with a borescope. Apart from that, you must have an accredited professional check all chimneys, flues, and gas vents. It would be a wise idea for you to work with a company specializing in upgrading boilers as well.